Tuesday, November 29, 2011

today is tuesday

Social Site

i've found on facebook

ahmad akmal(own's)
aliff sahaja
mudax mucux

i just..
i'm just fuck with that

P/s: i'm alive!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Harimau Muda, Make My Blood Pressure Upside Down

Watching football
Malaysia vs Bahrain
At first give me strength
But at last, its totally lost.

Please win next time
Give me joy like football final in sukan sea 2011.

P/s:Selamanya Harimau Malaya

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Banging to Death

I try to commit suicide by swallow bunch of pills

I'm at hospital
Checking on my tummy

I love my love.

P/s: this is the second time,

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Walking on the Edge

i feel like
i'm walking on the edge
coz i've swallow a bunch of pills

pray for me
i'm stupid rite?
love make me like this
please smile if i die

Thursday, November 24, 2011

100% Malay

^*&%#%$ (*^%$# $#%@# (mandarin lang)
"sorry aunty, i'm malay"

hello, do you have time?
"ye, ade bang, npe?"
ouh, melayu, ingat cina.
"saya pure malay bang."

it's just a little
i think its more than that
people tought that i'm chinese
but until now
i'm still confuse

"where, and what on my face show that i'm look like chinese?"

i'm proud to be malay, pure malay.
and i'm super proud to be malaysian. tanah air ku.